Founded in 1967, Daewoo Industrial Co., Ltd. started its business as trading and construction organization.


In 1982
Under the name of Daewoo Corporation, the company led its international expansion, by exporting all over the world cars, ships and electronics.


In 2010
10 years after Daewoo International Corporation separated from Daewoo Corporation, joined POSCO group, preparing itself to face a promising future, with firm foundations.


With the intention for a continuous business diversification, Daewoo International Corporation started researching on a new market segment dedicated to the use of power products and tools. Focusing on three main pillars – QUALITY, COMPETITIVENESS and DESIGN – and aiming to develop products that can satisfy the different needs of consumers, for home and semi-professional use; Daewoo Power Products Division is launched on the market.

In 2012

In 2012, GBR corp. LTD  acquired the license for commercializing  Daewoo’s power products line, building a solid foundation on European and Latin American markets.

By 2016
Daewoo Power Products was already present in more than 20 markets and with an extensive line of products, providing daily solutions for users’ needs.

In 2019
Thanks to strict quality controls, Daewoo Power Products expanded to more than 50 countries around the world, both in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, thus becoming one of the main brands with the greatest global expansion.

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