High Presure Washers And Vacuum Cleaners

High Pressure Washers & Vacuum Cleaner


Daewoo offers a wide pressure washers range which was developed to meet all end-users needs. From low-intensity tasks or routine jobs to intense or specialized assignments. The solutions are innovative and versatile, and come with a full range of accessores to ensure excellent performance at all times and situations.

More cleaning performance, better ergonimics and easy storage. Daewoo high pressure washers will benefit users thanks to: compact design, efficiency, ergonomics and easy use. All this added to the superior cleaning results, saving time and water.


1600 W (pressure washer) / 700 W (vacuum cleaner)

Rated pressure

90 bar

Rated flow

300 L/h

Hose length

5 m (pressure washer) / 1.2 m (vacuum cleaner)


5 m (pressure washer) / 3 m (vacuum cleaner)

Vacuum tank capacity

10 L

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